In this section you can find self-learning training materials developed by PerMedCoE technical experts




Introductory tutorial on using MPI with containers

In this material we will briefly touch upon why MPI is such a tricky component, explain the main approaches to combine MPI with containers and discuss when it is actually worthwhile to use MPI containers.

Tutorials on COBREXA

COBREXA.jl provides tutorials and notebooks with the purpose of explaining the most important concepts and functions for metabolic modelling and model handling to users, and then practicing them.

The documentation contains basic tutorials (explaining the core package concepts and basic design ideas), advanced tutorials (describing complicated functionality required for optimised execution of large analyses) and Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate the concepts from tutorials in a more practical setting, with realistic data.

Tutorial on CellNOpt

This tutorial aims to be an introduction to

i) the preparation of the Prior knowledge network (PKN) of signaling pathways and

ii) the training of the PKN against biochemical data to create cell-specific models.

Tutorial on CARNIVAL

This is a tutorial to guide the analysis of RNAseq dataset using footprint based tools such as DOROTHEA, PROGENY and CARNIVAL