Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The PerMedCoE consortium has established a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) that will analyse and give feedback on the CoE’s plans and analyse the results of the project to ensure that users’ interests are being served. Among other tasks, the SAB members will:

  • provide recommendations on the trends in the HPC, PerMed and Bioinformatics areas, and especially with regards to new implementations, development of the use cases and enrolment of new use cases.
  • help the CoE to get the end-users they represent
  • provide advice for the identification of exploitation opportunities for the results of the project.


The EEAB is formed by the following independent experts:

PerMedCoE has assembled a great team and will bring technological solutions to large system modeling in biology and medicine. Bringing together computer scientists, biologists and analysts will highlight the way forward for personalized models. Center of Excellence are essential to shape the future of interdisciplinary and can be later copied/extended into the different European environment.

Ioannis Xenarios

Professor of Computational Biology/Informatics, University of Lausanne, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire

Technological advances in computing technology have over the past decades led to remarkable breakthroughs in science and society at large, and will continue to do so. In this regard, initiatives like PerMedCoE are important because they addresses the – often overlooked – need for developing new algorithms and computational tools that can exploit the capabilities of the new high-performance computing facilities currently under construction around the Globe. It is a great example of how technology, method development and applications go hand in hand.

Ulrik Nicolai de Lichtenberg

Senior Scientific Manager, PhD

PhysiCell is a well-supported framework to quickly transform biological hypotheses into sophisticated simulation models. Thanks to @PerMedCoE, we can run these models faster than ever before.

Paul Macklin

Associate Professor of Intelligent Systems Engineering

This project is developing tools for the future of Personalised Medicine and keeping us updated on new potential personalised medicine applications, as well as future requirements of hospital IT systems and types of data that need to be processed in hospitals. In our part, we’ll provide some insights on how these new approaches could be eventually applied to clinical patient care and pharmaceutical research use.

Timo Kanninen

CSO (Chief Science Officer) and co-Founder of BC Platforms AG, BC Platforms AG