Personalised medicine against cancer and viruses

PerMedCoE featured by Elixir Finland as an important undertaking in the field of personalised medicine

Our researchers Jesse Harrison, data Scientist at CSC, and Sampo Sillanpää, shared with Elixir Finland our research goals and latest updates. Sampo highlighted our work around containers and user-friendly worklows:

“Workflows in the PerMedCoE project consists of several building blocks, each performing a specific precision-medicine calculation. One building block may pre-process data, a second one carrying out the actual analysis, and a final one delivering the outcome to the end user. This means that the users may not even have to know how many building blocks the automation contains, but focus on analysing the results.”

Jesse Harrison gave an overview of our Covid-19 Modelling use case:

“In PerMedCoE use cases, we make use of publicly available genomic data. Now we can study samples taken from coronavirus patients and look for markers in the genomic data to learn which patient groups are particularly susceptible to the dangerous forms of the disease.”