Community-driven benchmarking hackathon

22 – 23 Sept

BSC, Barcelona

Researchers from European and North American universities will gather at the headquarters of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre to compare tools simulating agent-based models used in biomedical projects. Using the MareNostrum4 supercomputer, researchers will identify the blind spots, strengths, and weaknesses of their agent-based tools and compare them with the other tools. These simulation agent-based tools have proven their usefulness in different biomedical projects, such as cancer, organ regeneration or neurite growth.

The goal of this community-driven benchmark is to help developers incorporate more efficient methods into their tools. PerMedCoE, as a Centre of Excellence, aims to assess systematically different cell-level simulation methods. With this community-driven benchmark, PerMedCoE aims to promote collaboration amongst different research groups working on multiscale modelling tools. This community-driven benchmark will also allow tool users to understand the different available tools and identify the ones that better fit their use cases.

Tools tested


University of Southern California and Indiana University


INIRIA and University of Leipzig


University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh & partners


University of Sheffield


University of Surrey & partners


from Institut Curie and BSC

Session led by Arnau Montagud, senior Researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing centre.