Forthcoming webinars & courses

Our Autumn agenda of courses cover topics such as data protection and security, cobrexa.ji and croupier. Find here a complete list of our forthcoming webinars & courses:

Data protection and security aspects of running simulations on personal data with HPC

11th Oct 2022 – 15h CEST

In this webinar, we will also highlight the risks of working with sensitive data on an HPC cluster and we will provide you guidelines and measures that can help you secure your data and its processing. Additionally, we will give a short overview of what you should look out for when selecting or developing software to work on this data.

Systematising complex and combined metabolic analyses with COBREXA.jl

15th Nov 2022 – 9h CEST

In this course we will introduce COBREXA.jl, a toolkit for working with large constraint-based metabolic models and running very large parallel analysis tasks on these models. Its main purpose is to make the COBRA methods scale to problem sizes that require the use of large computer clusters and high performance computing (HPC).

Croupier, a user-centric meta-orchestrator for cross-platform workflow delivery and execution

15th Nov 2022 – 15h CEST

In this webinar, we will introduce Croupier from the application designers and consumers perspective, and the use of Croupier, with a demo on how to deploy, execute and monitor one of the PerMedCoE use case applications.

PerMedCoE Summer School: From pathway modelling tools to cell-level simulations

25-30 June 2023

The course will combine lectures and hands-on exercises to:

  • Introduce attendees to key practicalities of working with high-performance computing (HPC) clusters
  • Build first-hand experience in using PerMedCoE modelling tools (CellNOpt, CARNIVAL, COBREXA, MaBoSS, PhysiCell and PhysiBoSS)
  • Develop a practical appreciation of using workflow managers and containerised PerMedCoE modelling tools to execute biomedical workflows