Explaining the impact of PerMedCoE

PerMedCoE featured in the latest impact brochure of the European Centres of Excellence in High Performance Computing

Why do we need High Performance Computing? and how is PerMedCoE contributing to the European Supercomputing Ecosystem? The answers to these questions can be found in the latest publication of the network of European Centres of Excellence in High Performance Computing. Using clear and accessible language, the impact brochure talks about the importance of the new era of high performance computing in Europe.

The brochure explains how PerMedCoE is using HPC to treat disease at individual level. It highlights PerMedCoE’s COVID-19 workflow as a good example of a reliable workflow that can be used in practice and repurposed as the field advances.

This publication is a great resource to help PerMedCoE with its ongoign task of reaching out to end-users and key industrial players.


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