Webinar: Croupier, an user-centric meta-orchestrator for cross-platform workflow delivery and execution

PerMedCoE webinars are open to everyone interested in PerMedCoE tools and activities. The webinars will include a 30-40 minutes presentation and a Q&A section of around 15 minutes. The recording of this webinar will be publicly available on this web page and the PerMedCoE YouTube channel.


Speakers:Jesús Gorroñogoitia (Atos)
Date and time:Tuesday 15th November 2022, 15-16 CET
Target groups:Application designers/developers, application consumers (end-users), HPC engineers, Workflow engineers
Anyone interested in PerMedCoE products and developments
Learning outcomes:Describe the advantages of Croupier as a meta-orchestrator for cross-platform application workflows

The orchestration of complex application workflows executed in the context of High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures requires the joint collaboration of application designers/developers, HPC engineers and application consumers (i.e. end-users). In the context of HPC, complex workflows can be executed with either HPC schedulers (e.g. Slurm), workflow managers (e.g. PyCOMPSs, NextFlow), with meta-orchestrators (e.g. Croupier) or with a combination of them. While schedulers and workflow managers are restricted to execute applications within a single HPC cluster, Croupier supports cross-platform application delivery, execution, monitoring and data management.

In this webinar, we will introduce Croupier from the application designers and consumers perspective, and the use of Croupier, with a demo on how to deploy, execute and monitor one of the PerMedCoE use case applications.

About the speakers:

Jesús has been working in diverse ICT companies as Software Analyst and Architect for 20 years. In Atos Research & Innovation (ARI) he is Chief Architect and Senior Researcher on the AI, Data & HLS Unit, member of the Advanced Parallel Computing Group, where he designs and develops cross-platform meta-orchestrators for HPC infrastructures in EC R&D&i projects, such as EUXDAT, Hidalgo, Grapevine or PerMedCoE. He is also Atos Technical Team Leader of AI-centric project IoT-NGIN.

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