PerMedCoE will develop five use cases

PerMedCoE will work on five use cases to drive the development of cell-level simulations to have examples of specific implementations of personalised medicine (PerMed) solutions in HPC/Exascale environments and drive the corresponding software redesign to meet the use case needs.

In particular, these use cases will provide the PerMed community with optimised workflows adapted to HPC that are easily instantiable with their data and portable to their environments, including the required security and privacy aspects.

“PerMed CoE will provide the large community of biomedical and medical scientists with the tools necessary for the interpretation of omic data, from data handling to the simulation of cellular systems. Specific applications would be the simulations of tumour responses to cancer treatments or the evolution of different cell types after the administration of drugs in scenarios such as the SARS-CoV-2 infection”, said Alfonso Valencia, ICREA Research Professor, BSC Life Sciences Department Director and PerMedCoE Coordinator.

The five PerMedCoE use cases are:

  • Cancer Diagnosis Based on omics information
  • Drug synergies for cancer treatment
  • Personalised modelling of groups of rare-disease related patients
  • Tumour evolution based on single-cell omics and imaging
  • COVID-19 multiscale modelling of the virus and patients’ tissue

PerMedCoE Use cases

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