PerMedCoE Talks: Reflections on an Interdisciplinary Project

As the PerMedCoE project wraps up, you have the opportunity to explore insights from researchers regarding collaborations, challenges, and benefits that emerged from their work on the project.

The series of talks initiated with Laurence Calzone (Institut Curie), a mathematical modeler, and Javier Conejero (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), a computer scientist who discussed the design of modular workflows aimed at scaling up cell simulations.

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The second video is from Vincent NOËL (Institut Curie) and Arnau Montagud (BSC) discussing the “why” behind creating mathematical models and other tools in computational biology.

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The last video features Marco Ruscone (Institut Curie) and Thalia Diniaco (BSC) discussing about tool optimisation and benchmarking.

Watch the full video below