Forthcoming PerMedCoE webinars in June

PerMedCoE is launching its June Webinar Series covering topics such as mathematical models of personalised medicine, computer-assisted functional precision in cancer, and professional development.

Thumbnail Asmund Webinar

Computer-assisted functional precision medicine in cancer

1st June 2022 – 15h CEST

Dr Åsmund Flobak will present the NTNU DrugLogics software that combines cancer signalling prior knowledge and data measurements to provide models that can predict therapy responses.

Competency Framework webinar Thumbnail

The PerMedCoE competency framework to guide training and career development

9th June 2022 – 15h CEST

Dr Vera Master & Dr Marta Lloret will present the structure of the PerMedCoE competency framework, the first profiles created within it and how to explore it in the EMBL-EBI Competency Hub.

HPC boosts mathematical models’ promises of personalised medicine

 21st June – 15.00h CEST

 Dr Laurence Calzone & Dr Arnau Montagut will explain how to combine High Performance Computer (HPC)-based methods to scale up the power of the computation with mechanistic and statistical modelling approaches.